Our Team


Kathryn Hinderaker, 


Kathryn is a senior at St. Olaf College studying Political Science and Media Studies. In addition to being Chair of the Minnesota College Republicans, she is Chair of the St. Olaf College Republicans and President of Turning Point USA at St. Olaf College. She is also a Student Reporter for The College Fix and a Campus Coordinator for Turning Point USA. She has interned for Senator Tom Cotton, Harris Media and RealClearPolitics. Her activism efforts have been featured on Fox News, Breitbart, The Daily Wire, Powerline, the Star Tribune and more. 

Contact: chair@mncrs.org


Katie Klein, Co-Chair

Katie is a senior at the University of Minnesota studying Accounting and Finance. On top of her role at MNCRs, she currently Outreach Director for CFACT (Colligates for a Constructive Tomorrow) at the University of Minnesota.  Her previous roles in College Republicans include serving as Vice President and Treasurer at the University of Minnesota as well as Secretary on the state board. She is currently working as an Internal Audit Intern and volunteering for state-wide campaigns. 

Contact:  klein997@umn.edu 


Nikki Bukowski, Treasurer

Nikki is a junior, Global Business Leadership major at the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University. In addition to serving as Treasurer for Minnesota College Republicans, Nikki is also the Chair of the St.Ben's/St. John's College Republicans Chapter. Nikki is also is the Secretary of Students for Life, which is the Pro-Life Club on the College of Saint Benedict and Saint John's University campuses. She is currently working as a Student Coordinator at the Eugene J. McCarthy Center for Public Policy and Civic Engagement. Nikki currently volunteers for campaigns across Minnesota.




Kyle Hooten, Secretary

Kyle is a sophomore at St. Olaf College studying political science and history. In addition to serving as the Secretary for Minnesota College Republicans, Kyle is the Vice President for his college’s Turning Point USA chapter. He also writes for Campus Reform, reporting on liberal bias in academia. Kyle has experience as a legislative intern in the Minnesota State Senate, research intern/writer for the Center of the American Experiment, and as a campaign staffer with Carla Nelson’s congressional race. Kyle has been interviewed by This American Life and quoted in Washington Post Magazine, and his journalistic efforts can be found posted on conservative blogs and news sites across the web.

Contact: hooten2@stolaf.edu


Carson Grand, Vice-Chair North

Carson is currently a sophomore at St. Cloud State University studying social studies education and political science. Along with being the Vice-Chair North of Minnesota College Republicans, Carson is also the current Chair of St. Cloud State College Republicans and the founder/president of SCSU’s NRA Collegiate Coalition. Carson currently volunteers for a number of different campaigns across Minnesota.

Contact: cjgrandscrutton@stcloudstate.edu


Megan Olson, Vice-Chair Metro

Megan is a sophomore studying political science, applied economics and business management at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities and plans to graduate a year early in the spring of 2020. She is Vice Chair Metro of Minnesota College Republicans in addition to being Vice Chair of UMN College Republicans and President of Turning Point USA at the University of Minnesota. Megan has experience interning for both state Senator Julie Rosen & State Representative Roz Peterson as well as the Minnesota Republican Party and the House Republican Campaign Committee. Megan’s efforts on her campus have focused on passing student government resolutions regarding opioid stigma and addiction as well as ensuring that students’ basic first amendment right is protected to its fullest extent.

Contact: olso7652@umn.edu


Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 4.25.40 PM.png

Sarah Thommen, Communications Director

Sarah is a junior at Bethel University studying political science and international relations. In addition to serving as the communications director for Minnesota College Republicans, she is the vice chair of the Bethel University College Republicans. She has previously interned for the MN Senate Republicans communications director and currently volunteers for campaigns across the state. 


Contact: skt32632@bethel.edu